UPDATE: Enough players have signed and paid for 4 teams. If the waitlist becomes full, 2 more teams will be added to the season. Waitlist is limited to 20 skaters and 2 goalies, sign up now to help expand the league! 

We are close to having our first games of the 2023 - 2024 Sunday Night League! Click the link below to sign up today! This year we will be playing 21 games starting on October 1. Each player will receive a home and away jersey for the team they are drafted for. We will be hosting several events at a sponsor's businesses, and expect to have a great time!

The cost this year will be $550 for skaters, and $425 per goalie this season, plus an insurance fee of $15 which will cover you for the full calendar year. A payment plan is the default option this year. There is a $150 deposit and then 4 installments of $100 on 11/05/23, 12/03/23, 02/04/24, and 03/03/24. The league fees are non-refundable. If you can not complete a full season, you may find someone willing to split the season with them. Please speak with one of the board members to learn more.

Sign ups will be limited to 40 skaters and 4 goalies to start. Once registration is full, a waitlist will be added to the website. If there are 20 skaters and 2 more goalies, we will expand the league to 6 teams. Please encourage your friends and fellow hockey players to sign up!

The SOAHA Board will be selecting captains for those that are interested. This provides a $150 discount for your league fees. In exchange, you are expected to manage one team which includes finding all needed subs, helping with league communications, building team unity, and hosting sponsorship events. For more details, please email

Player Expectations

To ensure that we all enjoy ourselves this season, let’s lay out some ground rules/expectations. Win or lose - when we leave the rink we should all be smiling.

For your Team

Download the TeamSnap app or go to the webpage. Indicate your availability for the game as soon as you whether or not you can play. It makes it easier for your captain to find a sub. Your captain will communicate with you through the team’s TeamSnap page.

On the Ice

  1. I hate to tell you this, but there aren’t any scouts in the stands looking for their next star. Beer league guys. We have players at all levels, and while it is great to compete, be aware of who is around you and their skill level. Nobody needs to get hurt out there; you or them. We all have to show up for work the next day.
  2. Your stick is your responsibility.
  3. Fighting is out. Drop the gloves, you sit at least the next game pending discipline committee review.
  4. The guys with C’s or A’s on their jerseys are the only players that can discuss calls with the referees. Like you, the refs aren’t NHL level. They are doing us a favor by agreeing to do this. If you get a game misconduct, you may be sitting out the next game pending discipline committee review.
  5. Chirping is part of the game. Have fun with it, just remember you could be playing with them the next game. Have a thick skin, and don’t get off your game. We are out there to have fun.
  6. Lastly, don’t be that teammate. You know, the one that takes a two to three minute shift, can barely make it to the bench, while the opposition is scoring a goal because of your long shift. That is your minus btw. Go hard, and get off the ice. Ice hogs are camaraderie killers. If there is an issue, take it up with your captain.

Locker Room

  1. Clean up after yourself. Tape and empty beer cans belong in the trash. Yes, they do pay people to clean the locker rooms, but they are not your mom. Just pick up your trash. We don’t want beer banned from the games.
  2. Being drunk before, during or after the game is just a huge NO. It would be a major liability for you and the league. You hurt someone on the ice because you have had too many it’s on you. If your captain sees you are drunk, he/she has the authority to keep or get you off the ice.


  1. This year, each week there will be a registration page on Team Snap for those that are interested in being a sub. Captains will select subs from this list. Sub fees will be collected at the time of sign up. If you are not selected to be a sub that week you will be issued a credit. Sub fees will be $20 per game for leauge and non-leauge members.
  2. If you are injured, transferred to another city, or simply decide to quit, you are responsible for finding your permanent sub. They will pay your remaining balance for the season. It is not up to the captains, or board to find your replacement. If you can’t find a sub you are responsible for the fee. Sorry no exceptions.Be a good sport. Be a good teammate. Pick each other up. Have fun out there.